Martie H. Leys, J.D.
Mediation & Collaborative Family Practice

A Dignified & Respectful "Out-of-Court" Settlement
Approach to Divorce & Family Law Matters

Both Mediation and Collaborative Process assist people in taking responsibility to restructure significant family relationships, without having the Court make the decisions. Martie, as mediator, or as your collaborative family law attorney, can support you in negotiating a separation, divorce, or the break-up of a domestic partnership in a collected and considerate manner. Martie works with you to create a fair and livable out-of-court settlement, including co-parenting, custody, visitation, property division and support agreements to meet your particular needs and interests, and those of your spouse or partner, and children.

“My mission is to help you reach a workable settlement in a calm and respectful manner,
maximizing the emotional well-being and financial security of your whole family.”
~ Martie H. Leys, J.D.

What is Collaborative Process?

Collaborative Process is a legal, out-of-court, team-work problem-solving approach which genuinely and realistically addresses the needs of all family members in a timely manner.

A team of specially trained collaborative professionals assists you in developing effective solutions, tailored to your own particular needs and interests, and those of your family, including your spouse or partner, and children.

A promise to stay out of court is signed by all participants at the outset of the Collaborative Process and the Court accepts and grants its judgment based on your settlement agreement.

Which Family Law Disputes Can Be Resolved With Collaborative Process?

  • Separation and Divorce
  • Child Custody and Visitation
  • Spousal and Child Support
  • Equitable Property Division
  • Domestic Partner and Significant Relationship Break-ups
  • Guardianship & Conservatorships

The Collaborative Team Approach Costs Much Less
than Traditional Settlement or Litigation

Collaborative Process, with its careful choreography of team professionals, cuts costs and provides more lasting value for the money you must spend. Coaches help you build better skills in communicating clearly and completing the process in the most timely manner possible. They are better suited to support you in keeping on track through the emotional aspects of the process and bill at a lower hourly rate than attorneys charge. You and your spouse pay for and gain the expertise of one neutral Financial Specialist rather than paying two attorneys higher hourly fees to develop and project financial scenarios. A Child Specialist knowledgeable in the developmental needs of children costs less and can better assist you than two attorneys in developing your co-parenting plan.

You pay your attorney to help you negotiate and weave together all the pieces of a cohesive livable settlement agreement and to get you through necessary legal procedures in an efficient manner. None of your precious resources are wasted paying unnecessary legal fees for foot dragging, waiting around the court house for settlement conferences, motions, hearings or trials, or having to go to court to force disclosure of necessary information. Your valuable time and money are spent only on getting to a workable settlement in the shortest time possible.

Why Choose Collaborative Process?

You have the support you need to be self-aware and calm.

You take responsibility for making healthy decisions.

A Team Approach assists in understanding perspectives and building consensus.

Private Process • No Court Appearances • No Trial
Private informal, confidential meetings meet your process needs, according to your schedule.

Less Expensive • More Efficient • Personalized Process
You pay for fewer billable hours. Your Collaborative Process and Team are tailored to meet your needs and budget.

Protects the Children
You are supported in addressing your children's essential needs. A Child Specialist may be part of the team to help you and your spouse or partner understand and best serve your children's specific requirements and build the best co-parenting plans.

Reduces Conflict and Stress
Divorce Coaches assist you in saying what needs to be said with clarity and respect.

Practical Financial Results
A Financial Specialist assists you and your spouse or partner in finding practical and effective financial options.

Builds A More Creative, Workable Settlement Agreement
You and your Collaborative Team work out settlement terms you can say yes to.